Kick High Interest

Kick High Interest Debt to the Curb


It’s time to kick high interest debt to the curb by transferring those balances to the Salem VA Credit Union MasterCard.

We are offering 5.99% APR on all balance transfers for the life of the balance. Transfer the balance by April 30, 2021 to take advantage of this great rate.


* This promotional rate is not valid on existing Salem VA Credit Union loans. Purchases, cash advances and existing balances do not qualify and will continue to be assessed at 13.5% Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Finance charges on the transferred balance will be assessed at 5.99% APR for the life of the balance and calculated in the same way as a cash advance.


Balance Transfer Summary


Would you like to compare your own high interest debt with our balance transfer offer? Download our free balance transfer calculator here.


*Calculator is used as a reference. Final totals may vary.